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Danais S.A.

Canned Products
Food Producer
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Danais SA Company was founded in 1979.

The objective of the Company is the production of canned apricots and peaches in various quality grades and in cans
of 1kg, 3kg, 5kg and aceptic barrels by omic pasterisation system.

The company owns two modern packing units.

The first one is sited on the 10th km of the old National Road of Argos to Tripolis, 150km south-west of Athens, where the apricots are processed.
The second one is on the 4th km of Skydra to Aridea road in the perfecture of Pella, where the peaches are packed.


The total acreage of land owned amounts to 90.000 square meters. The total covered packing and storing areas occupy 35.000 square meters.

Mechanical equipment

The production lines are set-up by modern stainless-steel mechanical equipment with a processing capacity of 10-12 tons per hour of apricots and 20-25 tons per hour of peaches. The company produces 30.000 to 35.000 tons of finished goods yearly, that is exported in the E.U., the U.S.A., Central-America, Russia and the Far-East.

Employed personnel training

The company occupies on a permanent basis 35 persons. During the packing campaign (June to September included) over 300 people are employed daily. All indispensable sanitary and protective measures are taken for the safety of the entire work-force, banning all accidents.

For the better response of the workers to the high requirements and specifications of all produced goods, the company has organized many internal seminars, towards continuous optimization.


Quality safeguarding

The company maintains a system of quality assurance and has been certified by L´LOYDS with the ISO 9001:2000 Certifications, HACCP (Codex Alimentarius 1997), BRC Global Standard - Food (higher level) & IFS Version 4 (higher level).

Environmental protection

A particular attention is given by the company on matters of environment protection. Thus, it possesses two second degree plants of biological purification, one in each of the factories, for the treatment of their liquid refuse.

ANUGA 2005

DANAIS business and quality policy

Danais s.a. business policy is to respond to the needs of the canned fruit market, producing safe goods that satisfy globally the Legislation prerequisites as well as those of its Customers.
The Company therefore, is engaged and always aims to the making of products that:

  • comply with the patterns, norms, contracts which regards them,
  • are proper to human consumption or any other use they meant for.

It is the conviction of the Management that in order to accomplish the above mentioned, the activities (transactions) of the enterprise must be properly planned and controlled. Consequently, the necessity of establishing and operating a quality Assurance and food safety system is recognizable and that it should be re-revised and improved continuously, so that it perpetually covers the ever increasing expectations of the Customers and of the market, taking into consideration also the new scientific data for the dangers in food supplies.

The maintenance of a constant quality is the immediate objective, independently of the quality of the fruits that vary year-in-year-out. The longterm objective of the company is the general acceptance as a pioneering concern in the Hellenic space. The Policy for quality is defined by the Managing Director and is revised if necessary during review by the Administration. It is the duty and obligation of the personnel to be aware of it and follow it. Copies of this policy can be distributed to the personnel of the company or its clientele for their updating.



Canned apricots and peaches in various quality grades and in cans of 1kg, 3kg (A9 & A10) and 5kg.

Aseptic products in drums of 200kgs of apricots and peaches in halves, slices, dices and also regular and concentrated juice.

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