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MIMIKOS Hellenic Quality Foods AET

Livestock & Poultry
Food Producer
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At the end of 1999 the group companies of J. Philip acquired one of the most historic poultry business, mime BROS SA which are under management by rural banks. The acquisition was made ​​by KANAKI SA belonging to the group and then renamed HELLENIC QUALITY FOODS (HQF) to integrate the two activities, so that the yeast, and that of poultry.

The purchase of chicken in 1999 had 3 features the one explaining why the market did not show trends that appeared in Europe, while giving an opportunity for a company that could be exploited for strong growth. These characteristics were:

1. The chicken, until 1999 it was served mainly as a "no-name" product by butchers, like other types of meat. This made ​​it virtually impossible to recognize the existence of consumer products with special qualities. With two words, and while in the past some small efforts in the consumer's mind until that moment, all chickens were the same.

2. Almost 95% of the total Greek production was marketed as whole chicken. Regardless of consumer preference for a particular type of meat chickens (eg wings, legs, chest, etc.) were forced to buy the whole animal, mainly because poultry producers could not afford the cost of scrap shredder .

3. Whilst the rest of Europe, fresh products under the chicken (sausage, breaded products, cooked, etc.) held from 40 to 50% of the volume of consumption, the Greek consumer offers such products with quality, form and variety that would encourage their consumption.

The HQF, identifying these weaknesses, has in principle immediately after its acquisition MIMIKOS to eliminate the production and distribution of anonymous, bulk products MIMIKOS.

From January 2000 all products are available only MIMIKOS packed. So, on the one hand increases the protection from accidental external contamination, secondly, the consumer is the producer of chicken, its origin, and all elements (slaughter date and expiration, etc.)

With the introduction of branded packaged chicken in the Greek market, consumers can now be confident both these critical elements of the product (who produced it and when), and for any additional features (such as, for example, the certified 100% vegetable diet). So, he opened the way for chickens with special additives qualities while also answered questions such as "how fresh is this chicken?" Or "is actually Greek chicken? '.

In the second step, a few months later, after it became a series of investments in equipment, was placed on the market a full range of cleavage products, ie branded packaged chicken parts. So now the consumer can choose whether he wishes to consume the chest, wings or steak, without having to buy the whole chicken. The HQF was the first Greek company to offer consumers branded and packed all kinds of chicken meat.

In mid-2001, was placed on the market the first product series meat chicken. These fresh products derived from Greek chicken MIMIKOS and require little preparation before consumption. Such products are breaded fillets, schnitzels, the nuggets, burgers, etc. and has since continuously filled variety.

In 2002 kykloforisn and sausage type products (parizaki, chicken, sausages, etc.), always in the same philosophy. With these products are given the option of the consumer to enjoy alternative ways to poultry meat, without compromising on the requirements of the taste or quality.

The key feature for the success of these products is that they are produced from fresh Greek chicken MIMIKOS, have very high quality, do not require the consumer to make a Greek taste compromises, while both provide solutions to the problem of diversity at the daily table, and the time pressure imposed by the modern way of life in Greek.
With the above steps, the HQF placed the chicken consumption in Greece on new bases.

Following the same philosophy, the research and development company designs and new lines of poultry products to give consumers even more choice.
To enable the production of new products, but at the same time applying the Group's business philosophy and poultry industry, were a series of major investments in production and distribution of products.
In the upgraded production hatchery, the feed mill and farms, and constructed a new slaughterhouse temachistirio and bottling. This unit is, admittedly, one of the most modern and innovative units worldwide in the field.

The movement replaced the entire fleet of trucks with new modern refrigerated vehicles capable of maintaining the product at the right temperature regardless of outside weather conditions while also constructed seven new distribution centers throughout Greece, with modern refrigeration facilities to ensure fully the cooling cycle from production to the retailer.

The acquisition, upgrading the plant feed, the modernization of the incubator, the restoration of farm, construction of new factory cattle - cutting - standardization, new distribution centers and the new fleet of freezer trucks make up the largest investment made ​​in the European Poultry the last year: 80 million euros.

The aim of HQF, from the outset, was to give the products MIMIKOS characteristics that distinguishes all products of the Group companies, namely high quality, high nutritional value and safely.

This is achieved through a rigorous, well-organized system of quality assurance at all stages of the production process in conjunction with the operation of the quality control department and research and development.

The production of poultry MIMIKOS from HQF is fully integrated, from egg to delivery of finished product to the retailer, so the control becomes easier. Specifically, having complete control of each step of the production process and all raw materials incorporated in the final product, HQF can implement a strict quality control system of preventive, to know with certainty that the final products meet not only the requirements of the Greek and EU legislation, but a number of additional specifications itself voluntarily adopted for its products because the philosophy is for ultimate quality.

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